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Welcome to The New You Plan!

We love to help people create their personal WOW transformation with our simple, tasty, fast acting Diet Meal Replacement Plan.

Welcome to The New You Plan!

We love to help people create their personal WOW transformation with our simple, tasty, fast acting Diet Meal Replacement Plan.

Our plan is super easy to follow. You simply choose ANY 4 meals a day from our range of over 40 Shakes, Breakfasts, Soups, Hot Meals and Meal Bars. By having 4 meals a day you will meet all your nutritional needs and get 100% of your recommended daily allowance. You do not need to add any other foods to your diet - this is a total food replacement plan, which gives you less stress and hassle and more chances of maximising your weekly weigh-in results.

6 Great Reasons Why Our Customers Love The New You Plan:

1) Money Back Great Taste Guarantee

We think our meals are the best tasting on the market, which is why we have our Great Taste Guarantee. If you do not like the taste of any of the meals in your first order, we will refund or swap them for you. We want you to enjoy your transformation and that starts with great tasting meals, that get you great results, backed up with great service and a fantastic community to cheer you on!

2) No Hunger & Ample Energy

Our diet plan induces a natural fat burning state called ketosis. This switches your body's primary fuel source from food to your body fat. When you are in ketosis and you have fat on your body, you will not feel hungry or tired, and this gives you a general sense of wellbeing. It can take a week or so to get fat adapted, but stick with it as once you get there you will find your New You journey to be very enjoyable.

3) No Expensive Grocery Lists or Time Consuming Meal Prep

Our Diet Meals are made in as little as two minutes - just add water and voila! It is also ridiculously amazing value with a daily cost of ALL meals as little as £4 a day. This gives you all your food, and there is nothing extra to add. So many people on our diet plan are amazed at how much money they save. In a recent diet documentary on ITV it was shown that a Diet Meal Replacement Plan was by far the most cost effective way to lose weight calculated per pound of fat lost.

4) No Counting Calories, Points or Macros

Our bodies do need a certain amount of calories, carbs, proteins and fats and a range of multivitamins and minerals to keep healthy while losing weight. Our meal plan has been specially formulated to provide you with everything your body needs to be healthy while creating the calorie deficit it needs if you want to see motivating results.

5) No Embarrassing Weigh In Meetings - 24/7 Online Support Community & Videos

Going to weigh-in meetings and having a weekly talk does have it benefits for some, but for a lot of people it can be time consuming and embarrassing. We offer all our support online, so when you join The New You Plan you get exclusive membership into our Secret Slimmers support group on Facebook, you receive a daily motivation email, and access to a library of videos to help you overcome a range of challenges that our customers face, from emotional eating and self sabotage.

6) No Crazy Exercise Required

If you haven't exercised in while and you feel unfit, don't worry about having to kill yourself in the gym to get good results. All good personal trainers will tell you that getting healthy and losing weight is 80% DIET & only 20% EXERCISE. If you have a lot of weight to lose, focus on getting into a good routine with your diet first. We recommend walking as a great form of exercise that you can build into your lifestyle. As you start to drop jean sizes you will notice that you feel lighter on your feet and ready to explore more options. Our advice if you are starting out is to not jump head first into diet and exercise all in one go. Instead, focus on your diet, get settled into your routine and then add on exercise that suits you, at a time when you feel ready.


We have 4 great bundles that we recommend for NEW CUSTOMERS.

1. 7 DAY KICK START BUNDLE - This pre-made bundle gives you a selection of our most popular meals to try for 1 week. This is perfect if you’re not sure what to order. We’ve done the hard work for you by choosing a wide variety of meals, to give you a real feel for our plan. This is a great bundle if you are not sure what to pick and want to give it a go!

2. 3O MEALS & SNACKS BUNDLE – This is a 1 week bundle that allows you to choose your own 1 Week Meal Bundle and Snacks. This includes 4 meals a day and 2 snacks a week.

3. 60 MEALS & SNACKS BUNDLE – This 2 week bundle is perfect if you want to give the next 14 days your all and allows you to choose your own meals and snacks. This includes 4 meals a day and 2 snacks a week.

4. 120 MEALS - 1 month bundle – This is great if you are super focused and committed to doing total food replacement for 1 month. You will see amazing results (many customers will lose a stone or more in 1 month*). Choose your meals and snacks for entire month. This includes 4 meals a day and 2 snacks a week.


All new customers in their first order will receive:

- New You Information Booklet - all you need to know about the plan and how it works (£1.99)

- Access to Secret Slimmers - our Facebook Community with daily accountability, fun challenges and inspiring people (Priceless)

- Mini New You Blender Bottle - make your shakes smooth and creamy with our handy size blender bottle (£3.99)

- Ali Campbell Project New You - 12 Modules of Online Video Coaching Program created by Julz (our founder) and Ali Campbell (celebrity life coach) covering subjects that new you customers are most affected by from self-sabotage to emotional eating (£97.00)

- Julz Daily Motivation Videos - Our founder understands the struggle of being overweight and the mindset to create a transformation - this video series will be delivered to you every morning for 6 weeks to set your day off with a positive thought about your transformation (£42.00)

- £5 Voucher off your next order - we hope that you will love your 7 day taster pack so much that you will want to buy again, if you do you can get £5 off your order

TOTAL RRP £149.98

*On FIRST orders only.

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