Diet Meal Replacement Bars

Grab-and-go our New You Plan Bars for the perfect tasty treat!

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this selection of guilt-free bars, in a range of fantastic flavours!

The New You Plan Diet Meal Bars for Ketosis and Safe Weight Loss.

The New You Diet Meal Bars are suitable for ketosis.  They are very tasty, and handy to have if you can't make a shake, if you are going out for the day or if you are meeting a friend for a coffee. It is also good to keep one in your handbag, car, desk or anywhere else you might need one in an emergency some day!

It is recommended to limit the bars as much as you can, to a maximum of one per day. If you have more than 1 bar a day occasionally this is fine, but if you want to get maximum weight loss results, most people find this is achieved when the bars are limited to 1 per day. This is only our recommendation but as long as you are having 4 TFR products per day that is the main thing.

If you have tried diet meal replacement bars before that resembled cardboard you will be pleasantly surprised at how tasty The New You Plan diet bars are. These bars are perfect for when you want to maintain, and many successful maintainers take one meal bar every day for their lunch to help them to keep their new slim figure.

Please note: You may notice on some of our packaging that it states 2 bars = 1 meal replacement. This is in accordance with EU labelling regulations only. We therefore continue to recommend that for the best weight loss results you should follow the recommendations above.
*Weight loss results may vary. This is not a guarantee.

Diet Meal Replacement Bars


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