The New You Plan

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The New You Plan is focused on helping people to lose weight by MEALS, MINDSET, MOTIVATION & MAINTENANCE.

STEP ONE: Total Food Replacement VLCD Diet Plan

We have a range of over 40 nutritionally complete diet meals for you to choose from. Enjoy 4 meals a day and you will get 100% of your recommended daily amounts of vitamins and minerals, with only 600 calories.

The meals are easy to make you simply add water, and heat for a few minutes on the hob or in a microwave. There are no other foods required, which makes the diet plan very easy to follow.

Before starting a TFR or VLCD please follow our 5 Step Pre-Checklist.

STEP TWO: Get Motivated & Change Your Mindset

The New You Plan is all about helping people to create their new you, both inside and out. We have teamed up with celebrity life coach Ali Campbell to create a mindset program called #projectnewyou to help you to change how you think about yourself and food. We also run challenges, and have online programs and videos to help you stay motivated about making the necessary lifestyle changes to enjoy a healthy happy lifestyle in the long term.

STEP THREE: Follow a proper refeed and maintenance plan.

When you get to your target weight, you will want to KEEP your results! Following a proper refeed and maintenance plan will help you to create a nutritious healthy menu, lifestyle and mind set. It is important to understand healthy nutrition and also to continue working on your mind set to ensure you have embedded your new slim identity into your core, so that there is no going back!